cuaderno de bitacora

Dessins, peintures, livres pour enfants et journal en BD de Julie Lamberson, americaine en France. Drawings, paintings, kids' books and sketchbook by Julie Lamberson, American in France.

29 avril 2012

j'attends l'avion pour Atlanta

plane atlanta

21 mars 2012

winter tree

The first of what will be forty paintings about the forest for a show at the Gueret library during the Foret Follies festival.

arbre hiver web


machine for blowing kisses very far away

machine bisous

The mural in the computer room!

RIMG0279RIMG0278 RIMG0278This dreamish egg-tempera mural that Simon and I painted in our computer room is meant to balance out the stressful influence of bright screens.


Ooof!  I hadn't realized how long it's been since I put any sketchbook pages on here!

water wheeltetes chateaumela ptit dej et airemela didjmarche moustacheslyonheron emguy slacklineflorence karna

round ladies for Waleska's pregnancy classes


25 janvier 2012


Now you can order original drawings and prints online!  The website is called Artishot, I have complete confidence that you will figure out how to get around it in French.  Check out what the other artists have come up with, too!


Voilà la magazine en ligne ou vous pouvez commander des tableaux originaux et des impressions (ainsi qu'un tas de créations des amis fort habiles de leurs mains): Artishot!

dessin pour Felicien

Voilà une petite illustration pour un projet de Felicien, la fabrique futuristique utopique de Goba soft drinks.

dessin goba

Old woman who lived in a shoe

And a test illustration for a lengthy poem (by Dick Kennedy again) about There Was an Old Woman... and lots of terrible kids.


The Blue Stone

Another project for Dick Kennedy (and his publisher,) some illustration propositions for "The Blue Stone" to be published by itself as a children's book: