cuaderno de bitacora

Dessins, peintures, livres pour enfants et journal en BD de Julie Lamberson, americaine en France. Drawings, paintings, kids' books and sketchbook by Julie Lamberson, American in France.

25 octobre 2006

self-portrait, Rue des Augustins


24 octobre 2006

the first page of the cuaderno

Warm thanks to Genevieve, Guillermo's mom, who made me a gift of a notebook and said, "Here, draw your life."



20 octobre 2006

demonstratory series

Just after arriving at the apartment.  Dad wanted me to send some photos so they could see what it looked like.  Well, I'm not too photo. So I drew these:




18 octobre 2006

le carnet commence



15 octobre 2006


I don't know if this watercolor is really beautiful or if my heart does loops gazing upon it because of the lovely model therein: my friend Sara on Santa Rosa Island just after a necessary cry.


10 août 2006

Guillaume finds a blue jay feather


09 juillet 2006

page 1

      Sand dollars, when you break them open, have five tiny white V's in them that look like birds with their wings spread. I had heard some Legend explaining why, but I couldn't remember it, so I wrote my own.

        Il y a un type de coquillage qui, lorsqu'on le casse, contient des petits V blancs qui font comme des oiseaux.  Il y a une legend pour les expliquer mais je l'ai oublie, donc j'en ai invente une autre...