cuaderno de bitacora

Dessins, peintures, livres pour enfants et journal en BD de Julie Lamberson, americaine en France. Drawings, paintings, kids' books and sketchbook by Julie Lamberson, American in France.

15 décembre 2006

page 5


The birds took refuge in their nests in the shade of the leaves.

page 6


The insects hid under the grasses and let themselves be rocked by the wind.

page 7


The grass runners buried themselves deep in the ground, there where the heat hesitated to venture.

page 8


The prairie of wild grasses was full of drowsiness then and empty of friends for the animal with no name. And he believed himself to be alone.

page 9


One day, however, as he ventured his snout into the bright daytime sun, he discovered an enormous wooden box.

page 10


Observing it more closely, he saw a lock without any key. What could be inside?

page 11


The animal with no name pushed, pulled, bit, blew in the keyhole… but nothing worked, the box didn’t open.

page 12


Where could this box have come from, anyway? He looked all around him, trying to see if maybe a box tree hadn’t grown up during the night. But there wasn’t any new tree! Someone had put it there, then. If there was a friend somewhere in the prairie of wild grasses, he wanted to meet them.

page 13


To find out if the box was empty, the animal with no name knocked softly on the wood. And the box opened.

page 14


<p><p>The Animal Without Any Name</p></p>

Inside the box, he found a drawing.  And at the bottom of the drawing, someone had written: