14 mars 2007

Kids at the Humanitarian Carnival


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12 mars 2007

la cocinelle: copié de "La Tortue Geante des Galapagos" par Rebecca Dautremer

the ladybug: a copy from "The Giant Tortoise of the Galapagos" by Rebecca Dautremer


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08 mars 2007

In the train stations and in the trains



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sunrise in the train


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07 mars 2007

With Waleska, we find ourselves saying things that are wiser than we are.

"When you first got here, I only saw Guillermo. I asked myself, "But where's Julie?"

"I think that when women stay in violent relationships, it's not because they're weak. It's because they tell themselves, 'I'm strong enough. I can do this."

"If Guillermo doesn't want to share a moment with you, it's because he's learned that you need your moment of pleasure pour you alone. And you can't always expect that people be available for you."

"When people shout or say painful things with intention to hurt, it doesn't mean that they don't want peace. It's only that they're not ready to pretend that everything's fine, even in public-- they don't want to lie."

"No, magic... doesn't come on its own here."


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06 mars 2007

With Waleska and Trevor we do things I normally have to do alone.
(crazy walks, eating obscure grains, making funny noises)
And then... Trevor needs time alone too.


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Bretagne is so full of sea and sky that there is hardly room left for any people. The tides are enormous--
Le Bretagne est si plein de mer et de ciel qu'il n'y a guêre d'espace qui reste pour les gens. Les marées sont énormes--




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05 mars 2007

An excerpt from "The Stuttering Prince" by François Place

An enchanting story I read at Waleska's house...

Sometimes you'd prefer to have never been born
Or maybe only
To keep yourself alive
Just eat drink sleep
Under the stars
Like an animal

Not pay any heed
To gods or animals
Simply be
Without before or after
A breath a sigh
And then disappear
Without leaving more than
A footprint in the grasses
Just as soon erased


le muet ammenne le prince bégayant à l'autre côté du fleuve


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04 mars 2007

Sara (again)

Isle de Santa Rosa. Octobre.
Avec Sara on cherche un endroit à dessiner aux Pins Torrey.

Non, pas encore. Je n'ai pas senti le chatouille

Annecy. Mai.

Tu dois écrire tous ces moments doux avec Charlie
Tu as raison. Je dois le faire bientôt, avant qu'ils se mettent racis


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En promenant par St.Brieuc, je trouve par hasard un scavenger hunt des graphs en BD. Il a 7 ans et je ne trouve que les pages 1, 2, 8, 9, et 13. En plus, je trouve une promenande jolie à côté de la rivière. Il commence à pleuvoir beaucoup

13. "So, Mathurin the Sailor has left... he disappeared in a sea of stars behind the sky of the sky and he left us there, Boise Fox and I, on our blue planet with the portion of eternity for which we are responsible... THE END"
(Gildas Chasseboeuf, June 1999)


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