cuaderno de bitacora

Dessins, peintures, livres pour enfants et journal en BD de Julie Lamberson, americaine en France. Drawings, paintings, kids' books and sketchbook by Julie Lamberson, American in France.

25 avril 2007

Marius at the strawbale house



24 avril 2007

7:51 we leave our house to go to the Bernoux'. (with a drawing for Delphine not to be gotten wet)

7:55 place des Terraux (3 blocks away)

7:57 "We have to seek shelter!"


Place de l'Opera, waiting for Samuel to come take me to the strawbale house

Place de l'Opera, esperant que Samuel vienne m'ammener à la maison en paille


23 avril 2007

Clothilde brings a giant cheese to the apartment.

Pendant qu'on le mange, je me trouve encore un fois en donnant les conseils que j'ai besoin d'entendre.

"I have some faults I could repair..."

"I don't want you to change to be like anyone else. I like you how you are. It's harder to love yourself than to criticize yourself. But if I love myself, I jump, I dance, I laugh, I'm creative, and in the end I make others happier than I could have if I criticized myself at every turn for being late or not washing the dishes..."

#1 image preféré de Clothilde: forte, rapide, bronzée et avec les cheveaux en tresses dans les montagnes vers Grenoble.


22 avril 2007


encore Guillaume


21 avril 2007

a friend


machin gentille qui est venue à l'appart.


skateboarders parc de Guerland



20 avril 2007

la table chez nous

I made a drawing like this at the house in Valparaiso too.

"Vincent, I haven't asked you yet how was your week at the monastery."
We talk about believing vs. knowing--
about the importance of not thinking all alone, but also reading and conversing--
about the calm of the monks and their humor--

i resist the urge to clean up all this and let myself float in the conversation... at any rate I love this disorder