cuaderno de bitacora

Dessins, peintures, livres pour enfants et journal en BD de Julie Lamberson, americaine en France. Drawings, paintings, kids' books and sketchbook by Julie Lamberson, American in France.

30 mars 2008

"to have a fire in the room changes everything. You're kept company by a living thing"

you never get tired of staring into its eyes
when my fire is happy flames come out the side of the stove

21 mars 2008

"Ah non, now everyone's going to think all I do is lie around on the floor"


i was drawing along tranquille and along came guillaume to draw all over my page. i pretend not to like it when he does that


then once he left i did the drawing i wanted to. i like the golem better


Guillaume & i spend a moment people watching in the Place des Terraux

28 février 2008

Les Glouftocs

Guillermo, whose toes must be pointier than everyone else's, wrote this story for me to illustrate.



       Connais-tu les glouftocs?

                Do you know about glouftocs?

Evidemment non, car ce sont des animaux difficiles,
  très difficiles à voir...
Of course not, because these are very,
  very difficult animals to see...