18 janvier 2019

Indoor murals and fresques


Click on the images to see more...Lincoln City Habitat for Humanity ReStore


Multicolor forest in Romainville

Tree in the Lizard House

 Newport Habitat for Humanity ReStore

 Historic mural restoration


 Dream garden egg tempera



 Behind the bar at the Centro Cultural

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Fresque restoration

Restoration of a historic painting (100 years or more?) over the fireplace of an old basalt Creusois house, before/after.

The symmetrical vases of flowers were reasonably visible but the central image impossible to make out.  At the homeowner's request, I painted two ladies spinning wool and tending a garden.

Egg tempera and natural pigments, as close to the original materials as I know how.

Jane before after web

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Dream garden mural

An egg tempera fresque, to bring some air into a computer room.

dream garden

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Murals at the Newport ReStore

Indoor murals and lettering for the Newport, Oregon Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

2016-05-14 15





















Npt Restore Tree2



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Mural in the streets of Valpo

Mural painted in Valparaíso, Chile in 2006 for an urban downhill bike race.

With artists Guillaume Varet and Charquipunk.


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15 janvier 2019

Mural at the Centro Cultural


Mural painted behind the bar at the Centro Cultural Playa Ancha, in Valparaiso, Chile, in 2006 with Guillaume Varet

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14 janvier 2019


Site under (re)construction! Thanks for being patient.

Ce site se fait remodeler. Merci de votre patience...

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09 janvier 2019

Outdoor Murals / Peintures murales d'extérieur

muralsFollow the links to see more images...


Pick of the Litter Thrift Store, NE 1st & Fogarty, Newport, Oregon




(Coming Soon to:) Newport, Oregon Public Library: "Storyteller"













Summer Wind Motel, Hwy 101 & NE 8th St, Newport, Oregon:

"What I Learned in School"













SW 2nd and Hurbert St, Newport, Oregon













Hatfield Dr., Newport, Oregon

Hurbert St., Newport, Oregon














Alma Mater community garden, Bures-sur-Yvette, France












Fontaine, Franceweb-monster2




Valparaiso, Chile








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14 octobre 2018

Angle of SW Hurbert & SW 2nd St, Newport, Oregon, USA

Mural painted in 2018 in Newport, Oregon thanks to patron of the arts Gerry Barrett,

with artist Guillaume Varet.





























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15 juillet 2018

Cheers !

La maison est finie ! chin !

maison finie

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